Finding My Inspiration

This business has been 11 years in the making... It seems crazy to think about that, but sure enough, 11 years ago my portfolio was bought by a local business and sold to customers within a month. That was back when I was doing black and white landscape photos IN A DARKROOM! Before I had kids, the prospect of photographing people terrified me. However, once I had kids, I no longer had time to go out and take pictures of landscapes and I began concentrating my photography talent on them. 

When I was pregnant with my daughter Abby, I stumbled upon Heidi Hope Photography. After seeing her website, I was sold on her style and after our newborn shoot with her, I knew that she was the only photographer for us. For three years, Heidi photographed everything important... newborn pictures, maternity, first birthday, and even boudoir! When Chris was getting ready to detach from the navy, I dreaded the thought of having to leave her and find a new photographer, so I decided not to. I decided that I had the base talent and it was time that I got a few more tips to give me the confidence to photograph Abby and Alex on my own, and only Abby and Alex. So, I signed up for her April workshop this year.

During the set-up of the first newborn session, 5 minutes into our first day, I had tears in my eyes; I had found what I wanted to pursue with my life. It wasn't just that I loved photographing my own children, I love photographing children. I spent years trying to find where I belonged, chasing everyone else's dream for me. I went to college and pursued Psychology and Math. I was good at them, but they weren't a passion. My advisors suggested that I continue on with Math because I could get a job anywhere if I had a math degree, so I went on to receive a Master's in Statistics. Again, I was good at it, but again it just wasn't the right fit for what I wanted to spend my life doing. Turns out, I had a better grasp of myself at 17 than I did at 25. Photography was where I belonged, and here is where I will stay. So thank you for inspiring me Heidi Hope!