Over the River and Through the Woods... Literally

The family and I went out this weekend and explored a couple of State parks. We were on a mission to discover a great location for our Fall Mini Sessions. We found a lot of great places; some were just over the Mississippi River and all of them were through the woods. If I have yet to mention it, Minnesota is absolutely gorgeous and I can't imagine settling down anywhere else. It is amazingly beautiful here and I feel so inspired with my photography. I am so excited to take some family photographs in the locations we discovered!

As usual, Chris and the kiddos were troopers while I wandered around for what seemed like hours. They even let me snag a few photos to get an idea of each location with real people (as opposed to the Elsa doll that I was also using as a model). Of course I couldn't ask them to be completely serious the whole time, or at all for that matter... I love how ridiculous these guys are. I can't wait to announce our plan for the mini sessions. Should be up by the end of the week!