Outside the Box: My Personal Creativity Project

This past year, I have really been trying to explore my creativity a  bit more and push myself to try new things. Over the next year, I am going to be working on a personal project, to both push myself creatively and to take some really awesome photos of my kids. When Abby was a baby, I staged "daydreams" for her while she napped. They were fun. I ended up taking all of the photos and making a story out of them for her dad to take on deployment. This is one of my favorites: 

Somehow, when Alex was born I never found the time to do something like that for him. Perhaps it was that now there was a toddler running around while he napped :) With this project, I wanted to bring back these "dreams." So that was our first goal. The second goal? To finally unpack the boxes in our storage room (many of which have been traveling with us for 7 years and have never been opened). I mean, look at this mess! At last count, we had 80 boxes left to unpack!

These boxes would be both my inspiration and my kryptonite. I decided that if I want to create fun sets for the kids, I would have to do it using boxes and packing supplies. The first blog post and "daydream" will be up tomorrow and I can't wait to show you the photos! Our new project "Outside the Box" is officially underway!