Book Recommendation: Beautiful Oops!

Time for another book recommendation! As most people close to us now, the Squirt has had a lot of problems with anxiety. In fact, it's the anxiety that brought her home for school in the first place. With her anxiety comes a lot of perfectionism. Frankly it's kind of a nasty combination. When there she makes a mistake, it's tough. She has a very hard time coping. This book has honestly helped sooooo much. It is amazing, fun, beautiful. We love it. 

The book is so simple and yet so creative. It's all about how you can turn a "mistake" into something beautiful. For example, if you accidentally rip a piece of paper, don't worry, that rip can easily turn into a clever mouth of a crocodile. We still have a lot of problems with perfectionism, but this book has taken care of the perfectionist issues around writing and artwork, which is pretty huge. Squirt tells me all the time how she made a "beautiful oops" and she is so proud. We both agreed, this is our favorite part: 

Such a wonderful message for kids. Highly recommended!